(Bloomberg) -- Ferrari NV debuted its first new model since the coronavirus pandemic temporarily closed much of the company’s operations, unveiling a more powerful Portofino.

The Portofino M -- which stands for Modificata, or Modified -- is equipped with a more than 600 horsepower V8 turbo engine. It also features a new eight-speed gearbox, replacing the previous seven-speed transmission, and a five-position Manettino dial that includes a Race mode.

The Portofino M is the first open-top Ferrari to get an eight-speed transmission. The clutch module is 20% smaller and torque delivery is 35% higher, according to the Maranello, Italy-based company.

In August, Ferrari narrowed the range of its full-year profit guidance toward the lower end after the supercar maker was forced to shutter factories for seven weeks to contain the spread of Covid-19. The company introduced five new models in 2019, including the Roma Coupe with a mid-front-mounted 620-horsepower engine. That helped it boost sales to more than 10,000 units a year for the first time.

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