(Bloomberg) -- Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said she had taken a drug test to refute allegations sparked by video footage leaked this week showing her dancing and partying with friends. 

Marin, 36, faces increasing media scrutiny and pressure from political opponents after she was seen dancing in the videos with a group of friends, including celebrities, in a private residence. Fresh footage emerged on Friday showing Marin in a night club dancing intimately with a man who wasn’t her husband.  

“I have never used drugs in my life, not even in my younger years,” Marin, who confirmed the authenticity of the leaked videos, told reporters on Friday. “I wish we lived in a society where my word could be trusted. But when suspicions like this are raised here, that’s why I took these tests.” She said the results are expected in “about a week.”

She’d said earlier she had been drinking alcohol and partying in a “boisterous way.”   

Finnish news agency STT reported earlier in the day that Marin was no longer on summer holiday at the time she was filmed partying with her friends with no replacement appointed to take over the premier’s duties. 

“I won’t let anyone blackmail me, in any circumstance with any material,” Marin said, reiterating she was disappointed the video had gone public. “I had time off and spent it with my friends and did nothing illegal.”

In December, Marin faced heavy media criticism after enjoying a night on the town knowing she had been exposed to the coronavirus. 

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