(Bloomberg) -- Finnish support for joining NATO has jumped to a record 76% in the latest poll as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pushes the non-aligned Nordic nation closer to the defense pact.

Support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is up from 62% in March and from 53% in February, according to a poll published by Finland’s public broadcaster YLE. The survey of 1,270 respondents showed that 12% of Finns oppose NATO membership, down from 16% in March and 28% in February. 

Finland has along with Sweden begun to seriously consider joining the defense bloc, giving up a position of non alignment that stretches back to before the cold war. Last week, Sweden said the U.S had given the two countries assurances of help if threatened by Russia in the interim period between an expected application and an eventual entry.

The May 4-6 poll also suggested that a greater proportion of Finns has now made a decision on NATO membership. In YLE’s March poll, about one in five respondents were still unsure about their position, while that ratio had dropped to one in 10 in by early May, the broadcaster said. 

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