(Bloomberg) -- One of France’s most influential climate lobby groups slammed Emmanuel Macron’s green credentials less than three months before the presidential election, saying he has failed to make good on his pledges to address global warming.

“After initial engaging speeches on the importance of the fight against climate change and the key role of France, the five-year term has been marked by symbolic measures,” Reseau Action Climat, a Paris-based umbrella group of 35 non-profit organizations, including Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Federation, said in a statement published Wednesday.

It cited halting the construction of a mall complex near Paris and a second airport in Nantes as examples of token gestures that hide setbacks. It said Macron lost credibility after appointing a committee of citizens to make recommendations and then not following all of them as promised, and watering down others. 

The speed of greenhouse gases reduction is lagging in France. It is the only European country not to reach its target on renewable energy in 2020, and it postponed its energy reduction targets by five years in 2018, RAC noted, citing the High Climate Council, a body that reports the prime minister. 

Last year, Paris judges strongly rebuked Macron’s government for failing to meet carbon-emission targets and related environmental damage.

Climate change hasn’t been a burning campaign topic so far, but polls show that protecting the environment is among the top priorities of French voters. And even candidates who have historically barely touched the subject, such as far-right leader Marine Le Pen, are trying to show they care.

RAC was among NGOs that called on voters not to back Le Pen against Macron in the 2017 runoff. She lost by a margin of 33 percentage points.

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