(Bloomberg) -- France is expected to enshrine in the constitution the “guaranteed freedom” for women to seek abortions following approval of an amendment by the Senate.

The country’s upper house, controlled by conservative parties, on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bill to amend the constitution to give women recourse to the procedure. The 267-to-50 vote in favor of the measure came after debate about the wording. 

“I pledged to render irreversible the freedom for women to seek abortions by putting it in the constitution,” President Emmanuel Macron said in a post on X. “After the National Assembly, the Senate has taken a decisive step that I applaud.”

A joint session of parliament will be convened March 4 for a final vote on the revision, he said.

“The Senate has written a new page for women’s rights,” Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti was quoted as saying by Agence France-Presse. France “will become the first country in the world to protect in its constitution the freedom of women” to control their bodies.

The French government pushed for enshrining abortion in the constitution following the chipping away of rights in the US.

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