(Bloomberg) -- General Electric Co. announced plans to build two new manufacturing plants in New York to support the state’s effort to build a bevy of wind turbines in its coastal waters — so long as the orders are there.

The facilities would be located alongside the Hudson River, south of the state’s capital of Albany, GE said Thursday in a statement. The proposal calls for GE’s LM Wind subsidiary to build a blade factory that would create 650 direct jobs. Another GE plant would make nacelles — which sit atop the tower and contain a wind turbine’s machinery — and would create another 220 jobs. 

Construction is contingent upon GE winning a sufficient volume of wind turbine orders stemming from the state’s ongoing solicitation for as much a 4.6 gigawatts worth of offshore wind development. GE last year scrapped an earlier plan to build a blade facility for offshore projects in the UK after not securing enough volume.   

GE needs a “steady stream of orders to justify such a significant investment and make these factories as successful as we all want them to be,” a spokesperson said of the New York proposal.

The plans come at a time of turmoil in GE’s wind turbine business, which has been battling soaring inflation, supply-chain snags, quality challenges and steep losses. 

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