(Bloomberg) -- German authorities might arrest more suspects in the wake of a large-scale raid that targeted right-wing extremists. 

“Based on my experience, there is usually a second wave of arrests,” Georg Maier, the interior minister of German state of Thuringia, said Thursday in an interview with Deutschlandfunk radio.

More than 3,000 German law-enforcement officers, including hundreds of special forces, participated in searches across 11 of the country’s 16 states early on Wednesday. Twenty-five people were taken into custody, including an aristocrat ringleader, a former lawmaker with the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany and at least one member of an elite military unit.

Authorities didn’t describe an imminent attack. But members of the group, which adheres to a far-right ideology that rejects the legitimacy of Germany’s post-World War II order, planned to attack the German parliament in Berlin, according to the federal prosecutor.

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