(Bloomberg) -- Germany recorded the highest number of new coronavirus cases in more than three months, with daily infections staying above 1,000 for three straight days.

There were 1,319 new cases in the 24 hours through Thursday morning, the most since May 1 and bringing the total to 220,859, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The number of new infections reached almost 7,000 at the peak of the pandemic at the end of March and in early April.

There were five fatalities through Thursday morning, taking the overall number of deaths from the disease to 9,213.

Germany has experienced an increase in cases across the country in recent weeks, with a number of smaller outbreaks in settings such as larger family events and leisure activities, as well as in educational and professional facilities.

Covid-19 cases are also increasingly being detected among travelers returning to the country, according to the RKI public health institute.

Germany’s reproduction factor -- or R value -- dropped to 0.88 on Wednesday, the RKI’s latest report showed. That means 100 infected people are estimated to spread the disease to around 88 others.

The government is trying to keep the infection rate below the key threshold of 1.0 to prevent a fresh surge in infections.

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