(Bloomberg) -- Why are the recycling symbols on plastic cups misleading? How does the carbon credit market work? What’s the future of water in a drought-ridden world? Each week, actor and former White House aide Kal Penn will tackle questions like these as part of Getting Warmer With Kal Penn, a new show debuting on Bloomberg Originals on Feb. 1. 

For Getting Warmer’s first season, Penn spent weeks on the road meeting innovators, researchers, community leaders and entrepreneurs that are focused on developing new energy sources and spearheading low-carbon technology. In Texas, he talks to the self-declared “crypto cowboys,” who claim bitcoin mining can help stabilize the state’s electric grid. In Nevada, Penn visits a company attempting to build America’s first closed-loop supply chain for electric vehicles. In New York, he explores the urban designs proposed to save the city from the next Superstorm Sandy. From recycled wastewater to regenerative agriculture, Getting Warmer breaks down how countries across the world are solving for the climate crisis.

Bloomberg Green’s award-winning team of climate journalists contribute their expertise, as do London-based filmmakers Jack Harries and Alice Aedy, co-founders of Earthrise — a digital media platform and creative studio dedicated to communicating the climate crisis, With a focus on the most pressing questions for young audiences, Harries and Aedy unpack one big idea each episode.

Watch new weekly episodes every Wednesday starting Feb. 1 on Bloomberg TV at 10pm EST or stream online from Bloomberg Originals on Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, Fire TV or Android TV. Click here for streaming links and watch the trailer below. New episodes also stream every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern on the Bloomberg Originals stream, and at 10 p.m. Eastern on Bloomberg TV.


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