(Bloomberg) -- Ghislaine Maxwell once inhabited an exclusive world of Upper East Side townhouses and private Caribbean islands, but her fate will be decided by a jury that includes a home health aide and four public-sector workers.

After a slight delay Monday morning, a jury of six men and six women was seated for the British socialite’s trial on charges that she trafficked underage girls for sexual abuse by her former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein. They range in age from 28 to 70 and mostly said they don’t follow the news closely. Many prospective jurors who said they had closely followed the case involving Epstein, who committed suicide in 2019 while awaiting his own trial for sex-trafficking charges, were previously excused from serving on the panel.

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Two of the jurors work in the financial industry, with one 61-year-old woman identifying herself as a trader’s assistant for a bank and a 35-year-old man saying he’s an executive assistant at a financial firm.

Here’s what we know about the 12 jurors: 

  • A woman, 61, working as a trader’s assistant for an unidentified bank after previously working at ING. She lives in the Bronx with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren and said she watches a lot of “police shows” like “Law & Order.”
  • A woman, 28, living in the Bronx and doing clerical work for the City of New York while she finishes her master’s degree in public administration. She said she’d heard of Epstein before but not Maxwell.
  • A woman, 60, with a master’s in urban affairs who prepares contracts for the government. The Manhattan resident said she doesn’t read newspapers but follows online news feeds.
  • A man, 44, who studied information and knowledge strategy at Columbia University and is now vice president of quality at a life-sciences company. He lives with his husband in Westchester County, where they enjoy playing board games.
  • A woman, 51, who has lived in Manhattan her entire life. An administrative manager at a “metals industry” non-profit, she works out and visits her mother everyday. She said she’d heard of Epstein and his suicide as well as Maxwell’s arrest.
  • A woman, 70, who retired in 2017 after working in human resources at a non-profit. She frequents cooking websites and also enjoys “Jeopardy,” chess, knitting and bicycle riding.
  • A woman, 53, who lives in the Bronx and works as a home health aide. An immigrant who came to the U.S. with a middle-school education, she had heard of Epstein but didn’t remember hearing about Maxwell. She likes watching “The Bold and the Beautiful” and cartoons with her grandchildren.
  • A man, 35, who graduated from college in 2008 with a finance degree and has been living in Manhattan for the past 10 years. He works as an executive assistant at a private company within the financial industry.
  • A man, 33, who works for a “government entity” and lives in the Bronx with his wife. He says he mostly watches sports and thinks he was watching football when he flipped the channel and saw the news about Epstein’s suicide.
  • A man, 34, who lives in Manhattan and previously worked in advertising but is not currently employed. He said he knew of both Epstein and Maxwell but didn’t follow the case “super well.”
  • A man, 41, living in Manhattan and working as a musician. He said he’d heard of Epstein being a “billionaire who solicited prostitutes or underage girls” and was aware of Maxwell being his “girlfriend or romantic partner.”
  • A man, 64, who is a lifelong Manhattan resident and has worked for the past 24 years as a paraprofessional for a “public entity.” He lives alone, doesn’t read the news and is not on social media, preferring to spend his free time watching old movies and the Mets.

Six alternates, who will also hear all of the evidence and replace any jurors who need to step down in the course of the trial, were also selected on Monday. They include a 36-year-old man who studied civil engineering in the Dominican Republic and now works as a real estate broker and a 54-year-old woman who lives in Westchester but works in maintenance “in a building in the city.”

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