The former prime minister of Canada is warning there’s a dislocation in global trade policy as governments seek scapegoats for their countries’ economic ills, but that the world must embrace globalization.

“We’ve got to come to understand that globalization is a fact, it is not a choice,” Martin said in an interview with BNN Bloomberg’s Amanda Lang from the G7 Summit in Whistler, B.C. Thursday. “And what we’ve got to do is make it work and that’s why the G7, the G20 was created.”

Martin’s comments come amid a trade war between Canada and the U.S. that erupted after the Trump administration announced Thursday morning it will lift a temporary tariffs exemption on steel and aluminum imports against Canada, Mexico and the EU. The tariffs are set to take effect Friday.

Martin said “people are afraid” as job seekers face fresh challenges from artificial intelligence and other new technologies.

“Governments are not reacting well, and they’re not dealing with it. And in some countries, they’re seeking scapegoats … Things like trade, and blaming immigration,” Martin said. 

“What really has to happen, is people have to put their guards up and they have to say, that’s not the reason people are losing jobs and let’s deal with real reasons.”