(Bloomberg) -- Google said it plans to spend $10 billion over the next five to seven years to help accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in India.

Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai made the announcement at Google’s annual India event via video conference. He said the outbreak of the coronavirus has made clear the need and importance of technology.

“One of the challenges of this moment is that we can’t visit the people we love, or the places we call home,” he said, according to a statement from the company. “During this time, the ability to be online has been a lifeline to so many of us.”

Google said the investments would focus on several key areas:

  • Enabling affordable access and information for every Indian in their own language, including Hindi, Tamil or Punjabi
  • Building new products and services that are relevant to India’s unique needs
  • Empowering businesses as they continue or embark on their digital transformation
  • Leveraging technology and artificial intelligence for social good, in areas like health, education, and agriculture

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