(Bloomberg) -- Guinea’s military rulers banned all protests in the West African nation, days after announcing a three-year transition to democracy.

Opposition political and civil-society groups in the world’s top exporter of bauxite have rejected the timeline, saying that it was adopted without consultation and say they will continue with demonstrations.

“Any breach of these guidelines will result in legal consequences,” the junta said in a statement late Friday. 

The military, led by Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, took power in Guinea in a September coup that toppled President Alpha Conde. The country will be governed by a National Transitional Council until elections in 36 months time.

The National Front for Defense of the Constitution, a group of opposition parties, trade unions and civil society organizations, threatened to defy the order.

“The ban is an expression of the junta’s clear desire to stay in power by muzzling all social and political forces in the country,” it said. “The front will not submit to this illegal ban on the right to demonstrate in Guinea.”

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