(Bloomberg) -- A Greek newspaper’s website appeared to have been hacked after printing an expletive-laden headline that the Turkish government said insulted President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

On Saturday morning, the Dimokratia News homepage was replaced with a Turkish message that read: “The Turks are here, where are you?” By midday Turkish time, the message had been removed but the website was still down.

Dimokratia published the headline on its front page on Friday, prompting the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to summon the Greek ambassador.

In a statement, the Greek Foreign Ministry condemned the use of insulting language, which it said did not reflect the country’s political culture.

Tensions between Greece and Turkey, both NATO members, have risen since Turkey resumed exploration for hydrocarbons in disputed waters in August.

Greek, Turkish Diplomats Talking Amid Tensions, Mitsotakis Says

Greece wants islands to be taken into account in the delineation of a country’s continental shelf, in line with the United Nations Law of the Sea, which Turkey hasn’t signed. Turkey says a country’s continental shelf should be measured from its mainland, which would put the area south of the Greek island of Kastellorizo — just a few kilometers off Turkey’s southern coast — within its exclusive zone.

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