GICs are once again attractive to investors

Guaranteed Investment Certificates
are making a comeback with investors as their yields rise alongside interest rates. A quick scan of shows some GICs are offering rates above four per cent, a significant jump from a mere year ago. While those rates are still below the rate of inflation, the guaranteed nature of GICs can be attractive to investors who might be looking to avoid volatility in the equity markets.

Four income tax shelters to consider

It’s never a bad time to find ways to shelter your income from the taxman, writes Personal Finance Columnist Dale Jackson. In his latest blog, he explores
four basic tax-saving strategies you can use to keep more money in your pocket.

Giving yourself the OK to be selfish with your money

Many Canadians are dealing with the high cost of living and an uncertain economy – as well as a summer full of events. You might feel pressured to attend every outing and support family, friends or charitable organizations financially, but there comes a time when you need to be selfish with your finances. The Canadian Press lays out when it’s OK to say “no” and preserve your financial wellbeing, without feeling guilty about it.

What to know about insurance during the "summer of travel hell"

With flight delays and cancellations as well as lost baggage problems persisting at some of Canada’s biggest airports, getting insurance is likely top of mind for many travellers. BNN Bloomberg’s Indira Kannan spoke to experts on how to choose the right travel insurance policy, ensure you understand the terms and otherwise survive this “summer of travel hell,” as one former Air Canada executive put it.

Rental scams on the rise: How to spot the red flags

The rental market is red hot in Canada and scammers are looking at it as rift with opportunity to make a quick buck. A number of rental housing platforms have said they’ve experienced increases in listings being reported as suspicious or fraudulent. There are a number of red flags you can look for to spot scam listings – that includes when the landlord doesn’t want to meet or show you the unit in person and asks for rent payments before signing a lease. Read more about how to protect yourself here.



"While we don't want to diminish the difficulties some Canadians are facing, this adjustment is helping to bring some sanity back to Canadian real estate"

- A report from Desjardins is forecasting the average home price in Canada will drop by nearly 25 per cent by the end of 2023 compared to the peak prices seen in February.

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