Sheltering your capital gains

The New Democratic Party fired the first campaign shot at Canadian investment portfolios this week; aiming squarely at the capital gains tax. Personal Finance Columnist Dale Jackson says it’s an easy political target considering it impacts wealthy and institutional investors more than the average investor who saves for retirement through RRSP and TFSA, where the capital gains tax does not apply.
Tackling inflation pressure

CTV’s Financial Chief Commentator says there is a “golden opportunity” right now to tackle inflation pressure, noting “if ever there was a political pocketbook issue, it is this one.” Recently, Canadians have been paying more for many things, Pattie Lovett-Reid writes, expressing that higher prices are more likely of an issue for consumers and politicians than for the Bank of Canada. 
Lessons in back-to-school shopping

For parents, the return to school means a return to spending. Despite the pandemic, Nerdwallet’s Kimberly Palmer found that about half of parents who plan to back-to-school shop this year expect to spend about the same amount as they normally would. Here are some strategies to help keep costs under control.
What to do before you buy crypto

Investing in highly-talked about cryptocurrencies can be as easy as a few taps on your phone, Sara Rathner of Nerdwallet writes, saying it’s “tempting to dive right in.” But, she warns, depending on your financial situation and appetite for risk, crypto might not be an appropriate investment for you right now – or ever. Here are three things to do before you buy.
Canadians pile into mortgage debt

Canadians are piling into mortgages at more than double the historical pace as the housing market appears to moderate after a pandemic boom. The total value of residential mortgages rose by 1.2 per cent to $1.73 trillion in June, according to data released by Statistics Canada this week. That is the fastest monthly increase in loans borrowed for real-estate purchases since 2007.

How to prepare for COVID-era travel
A lot has changed in the travel world since the pre-pandemic days of 2019 and still many questions remain. Here are some key travel planning and packing tips to help you navigate the new normal ahead of your next – and maybe first – COVID-19-era trip from Nerdwallet’s Sally French.

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 “With inflation hovering near a 10-year high and small businesses continuing to struggle, it is imperative that politicians pay attention to the cost of living. Avoidance isn't a strategy for the long term. There is a golden opportunity now to help Canadians increase their disposable income.” – CTV’s Chief Financial Commentator Pattie Lovett-Reid