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We’ve all heard seen the viral stories: A scrappy traveler scores a round-the-world trip flying first class, all without a single dollar of cold, hard cash. On this week’s episode of Travel Genius, hosts Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood give you the five-point plan that’ll help you master the points and miles game just like those fabled globetrotters—including a simple overhaul of your online shopping habits that might come in handy ahead of the holiday season.

Then this week’s guest, Dateline correspondent Josh Mankiewicz, joins the conversation to share his best tips for looking TV-ready after a long flight, and uncovering a city’s best restaurants and coffee shops. (Hint: Do as a true-crime reporter does, and talk to the cops.) Most memorably, perhaps, is his story about how long airport security lines can have their upsides, or even be a conduit to true love.

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