(Bloomberg) -- Subscribe to Travel Genius on Apple PodcastsSubscribe to Travel Genius on Pocket CastsJapan is set to move into the spotlight next year when Tokyo hosts the summer Olympics. The event is sure to drive even more tourists to a country that is already seeing an explosion in overseas visitors. On this week's episode of Travel Genius, hosts Mark Ellwood, a veteran visitor with more than a decade’s worth of trips, and Nikki Ekstein, who was instantly obsessed by the destination after a visit last year, share their first-hand tips and tricks if you’re one of the many considering a trip to the country.

Then, adventurer Akshay Nanavati stops by to tell some his more harrowing travel stories. The Iraq war vet and former Marine is an extreme sportsman, motivational speaker, and author of the book, “FEARVANA: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear into Health, Wealth and Happiness.” Nanavati explains how to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures and offers an unlikely, attention-getting method of banishing jet lag mid-flight.

Listen in for those hacks and more—and then, if you're inspired to share your own travel genius moments, give us a shout on Twitter, via email, or by phone at (646) 324-3490. If you're lucky (and especially clever), we'll share your best tips on a future episode.

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