(Bloomberg) -- With supply chains and the war in Ukraine disrupting trade and investments globally, Latin America and the Caribbean have an opportunity to shine, the head of the Inter-American Development Bank Mauricio Claver-Carone said. 

He spoke on the sidelines of Bloomberg’s inaugural New Economy Gateway Latin America event in Panama City that kicks off Wednesday with speakers discussing the post-pandemic economic growth challenge, preparing for the next public health crisis, the transition to green energy and the case for cryptocurrencies in the region, among other topics. 

“I don’t want a single company to look at China before it looks at any country in Latam and the Caribbean,” Claver-Carone said.

The supply chain disruptions have cast a light on the issue of near-shoring, or placing manufacturing facilities closer to US consumers, with many Latin American countries lobbying for those investments.

You can follow the agenda here and the event will be streamed on the terminal at LIVE GO and on the web.

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