(Bloomberg) -- French shoppers will soon be seeing a lot fewer “vegetarian steaks” in their supermarket aisles.

The government issued a decree on Tuesday banning the use of terms such as “fillet,” “ribeye steak” and “spare rib” for food products that are plant-based. A total of 21 terms are included in the list, though “burger” is not.

The move aims to improve transparency and eliminate confusion for consumers. An initial attempt in 2022 was quickly suspended by the country’s top administrative court, which found that the text was too vague and didn’t allow sufficient time for companies to change food labels.

The new rules will come into effect in three months.

They also include a second list of animal-based items that can continue using a meat label if the proportion of plants in those products does not exceed a certain threshold. Bacon, for example, can have a maximum of 0.5% vegetable ingredients, while nuggets can contain as much as 3.5%. The plant ratio in omelettes, meanwhile, can’t exceed 1%.

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