(Bloomberg) -- Indian authorities have so far seized 88.9 billion rupees ($1.1 billion) worth of illicit money, drugs and other goods in its crackdown on illegal vote inducements in India’s six-week election, the country’s Election Commission said Saturday. 

The haul exceeds the entirety seized during the last general election in 2019, and comes as authorities have vowed a crackdown on money and goods used to bribe voters in the world’s biggest election. 

The commission said the confiscation of drugs reflected 45% of the value of all seizures so far. Liquor, cash, precious metals and other freebies have also been confiscated, the commission said. 

India’s election began April 19 and runs through June 1, with the winner announced June 4. India’s code of conduct for elections bans bribing or intimidation of voters. 

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