Germany to Prevent China Control of Wind-Turbine Data, Habeck Says

Wind turbines in Germany. Photographer: Alex Kraus/Bloomberg (Alex Kraus/Bloomberg)

(Bloomberg) -- German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said he wants to prevent China from gaining control over wind-turbine data.

“It is possible that wind energy parts are from China, I cannot exclude that — hopefully not in the digital control parts,” he told citizens at a town hall event on Tuesday in Bonn.

Habeck’s comments come after Germany announced last week that it’s examining an offshore wind developer’s choice of a Chinese manufacturer for its turbines over critical infrastructure concerns.

The law to monitor supply chains will be increasingly applied, Habeck also said, adding that the German government doesn’t provide guarantees to companies investing in Xinjiang, the province where China is accused of human rights abuses against the Uyghur people.

“I take this very serious, we will not only demand the control of supply chains more vigorously, but also monitor it more strictly,” he said.

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