(Bloomberg) -- Israel’s cabinet approved a plan to improve energy efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions during the coming decade.

The 725-million shekel ($225 million) program, approved Sunday ahead of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change starting next week, will include grants for improving energy efficiency in the industrial, commercial and public sectors; the mapping of potential rooftops for solar energy production; and investment in sustainable energy projects.

About half of the funds will be allocated to encourage the replacement of old, inefficient technologies with new, cost-effective systems for energy uses such as indoor and outdoor lighting, air conditioning and compressed air systems. Grants will also be offered for converting systems from fossil fuel to electricity.  

The mapping project will chart the solar energy production potential of rooftops and make the information accessible online. It will also enable each building owner to test the potential renewable energy production of the structure, including costs of installing the panels.

The program also includes funds for the deployment of infrastructure for electricity-powered transportation. 







































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