(Bloomberg) -- Melissa Tuttle, a former senior portfolio manager at Vanguard Asset Management, started a new job this week at a Harley Davidson Inc. dealership southeast of London.

Tuttle’s 30-year career in finance also included nearly a decade at Goldman Sachs Asset Management and a stint as the global head of equity trading at Pimco Europe. She said she was downshifting from one of the world’s biggest asset managers to spend more time pursuing her own interests. 

“I’ve stepped away from the finance industry,” Tuttle, 51, said by phone. “But I wouldn’t waste Maidstone Harley Davidson’s time training me if I weren’t serious about this new job.” 

Tuttle left Vanguard in March -- though it’s not her first attempt to leave finance. She retired in 2016 after setting up and running Pimco’s equity trading desk globally, only to be recruited later that year by Vanguard. 

Tuttle, who is originally from Massachusetts, owns two Harleys and commutes to work on a Honda motorbike. Her new job has one big similarity with her time in the City: oversight by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates consumer finance including vehicle loans. 

“While this role’s salary doesn’t rival what I earned previously, I’m hoping it will provide sufficient income to fund future Harley purchases,” Tuttle said. “But first, I need to pass my FCA exam to be allowed to sell them.”

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