(Bloomberg) -- Italy has approved an aid package worth several billion euros to further cut taxes and finance the purchase of gas, as the government seeks to shield its economy from a spike in energy prices.

The package approved by Mario Draghi’s cabinet Thursday includes measures to support long-term contracts for gas imports, a tax cut on energy bills and a 4 billion euro ($4.2 billion) loan to energy market operator GSE to speed up the filling of gas storages ahead of next winter, according to a government statement.

Draghi told reporters after the cabinet meeting that gas storages “are definitely a concern.” But he added that progress in filling storages was good, currently between 50% and 60% of total capacity. “We’re confident we’ll reach our target” by end-November, a reference to a 90% objective, Draghi said.

Draghi did not give a figure for the value of the aid package. The measures being readied were worth as much as 8 billion euros, people familiar with the matter said before the cabinet met.

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The cabinet meeting took place amid rising coalition tensions, with Draghi facing opposition from the Five Star Movement’s leader Giuseppe Conte.

Draghi rushed back to Rome on Wednesday, abandoning a NATO summit in Madrid to chair the cabinet meeting. Conte, a former premier who now heads Five Star, is struggling to keep the party intact after Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio left it to create a new political group. 

Both Draghi and Conte have met President Sergio Mattarella recently to update him on the coalition tensions. Italian presidents mostly hold a ceremonial role, but are highly-involved during political turmoil as they can dissolve parliament and trigger a general election.

The League, reeling from a poor showing in local polls over the weekend, has already criticized some of Draghi’s reforms. Matteo Salvini’s party may now feel the need to dig in harder against Draghi in a bid to rebuild support among disgruntled voters.

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