(Bloomberg) -- Jared Kushner said Donald Trump’s indictment is troubling and a signal that Democrats are afraid of running against the former president.

The indictment “shows obviously the fear that the Democrats have of Trump and the political strength that he has,” Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, said Friday at the FII Institute’s Priority Summit in Miami Beach, Florida. “As an American, it’s very troubling to me to see the leader of the opposition party be indicted.”

Kushner made these comments at the beginning of his speech on bringing peace to the Middle East at an event organized by the Future Investment Initiative, a nonprofit backed by one of Saudi Arabia’s largest sovereign funds. His ties to Middle East investors have been under scrutiny, as wealth funds in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar have invested with Kushner’s private equity firm Affinity Partners, the New York Times reported Thursday. That’s on top of a $2 billion commitment from a Saudi sovereign fund.

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“It’s been hard to watch the opponents of him politically continue to break every norm over the last years to try to get him,” Kushner said. “But what I’ll say is I’ve been by him during a lot of these instances and it’s only made him stronger, and his resolve to take on big challenges, to fight for change.”

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