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Jefferies Financial Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Rich Handler said he tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this month and is approaching his 10th day of isolation.

“Three days after we decided at Jefferies to have our people once again work from home for safety, I tested positive and have been self-quarantining,” Handler said Sunday in a post on Instagram. “We all have much to be grateful for and every day we get closer to the sun shining brightly, so stay optimistic.”

Jefferies asked staffers on Dec. 8 to start working from home amid a rise in Covid cases among its workforce. The New York-based firm is aiming to have its staff back at the office by Jan. 17, Handler and President Brian Friedman said in an Instagram post on Saturday.

Jefferies is asking employees who are eligible for booster shots to have them no later than Jan. 31 to gain access to its offices.

The bank was one of the first on Wall Street to send workers home this month and was also early to require vaccines for staffers who wished to return to the office. 

Jefferies said last year that Peg Broadbent, the longtime chief financial officer of its main subsidiary, died from complications tied to coronavirus, marking one of the first deaths among senior Wall Street executives from the pandemic. 

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