(Bloomberg) -- There’s a new landmark for the heft of JPMorgan Chase & Co.: The biggest US bank’s headcount has now passed 300,000. Its staff hit 300,066 people by the end of the second quarter, up 1% from 296,877 in the first quarter of the year and up 8% from 278,494 a year ago.

Companies aren’t cities, of course, but if JPMorgan were one it would be one of the biggest in the US. It’s now about the size of St. Louis, Missouri.

Deep in the footnotes in the bank’s second-quarter earnings supplement is a detail that shows just how big this bank really is: That new headcount stat “excludes 5,132 individuals associated with the First Republic acquisition who became employees effective July 2, 2023.” 

So the total number is poised to climb even more.

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