(Bloomberg) -- NATO-led international peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, known as KFOR, boosted the number and duration of routine patrols amid increased tensions with neighboring Serbia, Gazeta newspaper reported.

“KFOR is closely monitoring the situation throughout Kosovo and remains focused on the day-to-day implementation of its mandate,” KFOR said in a statement to Gazeta on Monday. “KFOR has increased the number and duration of routine patrols throughout Kosovo, including northern Kosovo.” 

Tensions started last week when Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008, banned cars from Serbia without a temporary printed registration detail from entering its territory in a reciprocal move. 

Serbs then blocked roads leading into Kosovo from Serbia, prompting Kosovo to move special police units to the two border crossings. The European Union and NATO appealed to both sides to de-escalate. 


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