(Bloomberg) -- Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told US President Joe Biden he would deal with chip export restrictions appropriately, an official told reporters following the leaders’ summit in Washington. 

“They agreed on the importance of managing exports of sensitive technology, particularly from the point of view of economic security,” Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Seiji Kihara said.

Kishida said Japan’s stance had long been to strictly control exports in coordination with the international community and based on its foreign exchange law, according to Kihara. 

Japan will continue to deal with the issue based on the direction of regulations in various countries, including the US, the deputy chief cabinet secretary cited Kishida as saying in the meeting. He declined to give any further details. 

Washington in October announced restrictions on the export of key technology to China aimed at debilitating the Asian nation’s attempts to develop its own semiconductor supply chain, part of the broader US efforts to manage China’s strategic competition. The US administration is seeking cooperation from allies and partners involved in the industry. 

US and Japanese officials also met separately in Washington Friday to discuss economic security, according to statements from the Department of State and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The two sides agreed to make their bilateral efforts more concrete in the run-up to the second “two plus two” meeting between trade and foreign ministers, according to the foreign ministry statement. The first joint gathering between the countries’ trade and foreign ministers was held in July, but no date has been announced for a second.



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