Lexus has joined forces with Sriracha hot sauce to create a spicy sports sedan, in an unusual co-branding move between the luxury Japanese carmaker and a condiment company.

The Lexus Sriracha IS concept car, unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday, was created to celebrate the launch of the 2017 Lexus IS sports sedan, the company said in a press release.

The custom vehicle will not go into production for consumers and is only on display for auto shows, a Lexus spokesperson told BNN in a telephone interview.

“The new Lexus IS is so hot, we decided to make it Sriracha hot, with all the custom details every Sriracha fan will appreciate,” said Brian Smith, vice president of marketing at Lexus in a statement.

The custom sedan comes in a red colour, “complete with flecks of chili-like flakes,” that Lexus says mimics the popular sauce made by Huy Fong Foods. To ensure colour accuracy and authenticity, actual Sriracha sauce was added to the paint, Lexus said.

Green accents were also added on model’s exterior mirrors, brake calipers and grille, to imitate Sriracha’s signature bottle cap.

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While the sports car is designed to look like Sriracha hot sauce, Lexus didn’t ignore forget its taste, either. The concept car’s trunk is stocked with 43 bottles of Sriracha. And if that’s not enough, the key fob has an “emergency chili button” that dispenses the sauce through a nozzle.

The car’s seat warmers and AC/heating temperature controls go from cool to “Sriracha hot” and the steering wheel has a “hot handling” warning.

“I feel so humbled to see my Lexus and Sriracha friends’ love for my hot sauce,” said David Tran, CEO and founder of Huy Fong Foods in a statement. “The Lexus Sriracha IS is really the perfect mix for a ‘hot’ and ‘spicy car’ – just the way I like it.”