The chief executive officers of Nutrien Ltd. and National Bank of Canada will join OMX CEO Nicole Verkindt as the co-chairs of a new task force that's aiming to make the country's competitiveness a major campaign issue in the upcoming federal election.

The Business Council of Canada, which represents top business leaders from across the country whose companies employ nearly two million Canadians, announced the task force on Tuesday, saying it aims to draw attention to "urgently needed policies" to improve Canada's economy.

“At a time when many other countries are moving quickly and decisively to strengthen investor confidence and build a more prosperous future, Canada’s approach is too often characterized by complacency," said Business Council CEO Goldy Hyder in a release.

According to the Business Council, the task force will deliver an interim report ahead of the federal election, before tabling its final recommendations after Canadians cast their ballots on Oct. 21.

“Canada has loads of untapped potential, yet large areas of our economy are struggling because of delays and regulatory uncertainties," said National Bank CEO Louis Vachon in a release. 

"We need to make sure that public debate and regulatory decisions take into account the interest of all regions of the country.”