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May 2, 2019

Loblaw says tech will change jobs as it plans to invest in future-ready workers

Loblaw, Retail

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TORONTO -- Loblaw Companies Ltd. says technology will change the nature of work in the future, so it's investing not only in things like self-serve checkouts, but also retraining its workforce.

Loblaw president Sarah Davis says artificial intelligence and automation will change what people do in the company's offices, distribution centres and stores.

She says the company is developing a future-ready workforce by making available online training programs in recent months and is planning to spend more than a quarter of a billion dollars over the next five years in an effort to make workers ready for upcoming changes.

Davis says the company has created more than 1,000 roles in its digital business.

The company is also investing in technology as it adds self-serve checkouts and electronic shelf labels to stores, as well as growing its e-commerce business.

She made her comments at the company's annual general meeting of shareholders in Toronto Thursday morning.

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