(Bloomberg) -- London expanded its ultra-low emission zone in an attempt to clean up the city’s air, and help achieve a net-zero target that’s less than 10 years away.

The new area, 18 times larger than the previous zone that operated in only the central city, covers 3.8 million people across a quarter of London. It’s expected to reduce emissions from road transport by almost a third in 2021.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is targeting net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, and he expects the expanded zone to play a major part in the strategy. The rules have already had some success since they began with the smaller zone in February 2017, with roadside emissions dropping 44% before the pandemic hit last year, compared with before the standards. 

Drivers of polluting vehicles will be charged 12.50 pounds ($17.22)when they enter the new boundaries. About 87% of vehicles traveling in the zone already meet the regulations, up from 39% earlier. 

“I will not stand while pollution leads to 4,000 Londoners dying early each year and our children growing up with stunted lungs,” Khan said in a statement. “The expanded zone is a vital step toward helping combat London’s illegal air and reducing the emissions that are harming our planet.”

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