(Bloomberg) -- JBS SA, the world’s largest meat producer, said it is in “final discussions” with a potential strategic partner to help the Brazilian company manage, expand and monetize production of gas from animal waste in the US.

“We’re interested in bringing in expertise to help transform and manage our generation of biogas and expand our capacity to really create this as a strategic asset,” Jason Weller, global chief sustainability officer at JBS, said during a presentation at the BMO Global Farm to Market conference in New York.

Weller declined to provide further details on the talks. 

The move underscores how companies from different industries are moving to benefit from President Joe Biden’s landmark clean-energy initiative and the huge subsidies promised to all forms of clean energy.

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Processed biogas is mostly made of organic material such as chicken and pig waste and can be used to power everything from vehicles to factories. It’s considered a green fuel because burning it to generate electricity has a lower overall impact on warming the planet than allowing methane from decomposing waste to vent into the atmosphere.

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