(Bloomberg) -- The rules for political and social issue advertising on Facebook and Instagram during the 2024 presidential race will look a lot like past election cycles, parent company Meta Platforms Inc. told US officials on Tuesday. 

The social media company will block new political ads one week before US voters go to the polls next November, according to a post by Meta Global Affairs President Nick Clegg. The plan is largely unchanged from prior years, except for one new factor: artificial intelligence.

Platforms are preparing for the first major votes since consumer-facing generative AI tools have made it easier to manufacture deepfaked videos and audio that look and sound like real people. The company said earlier this month that it would require advertisers to disclose when political or social issue ads have been created or altered by AI.

In addition to the US presidential election in November 2024, next year will see important votes in Mexico, India and Taiwan, among other countries. 

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