• It’s time to discuss the cannabis landscape in Canada and the current legalization landscape with edibles set to be legalized later this year
  • The MJBizCon Toronto Conference will feature 71 speakers from 15 countries as well as a keynote speech from The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister of Canada
  • Investors will be treated to three days of educational programming, networking opportunities and much more

MJBizDaily is back for its second annual international cannabis business conference and expo in Toronto between September 4-6, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The event brings together over 2,500 international stakeholders to the center of the global cannabis marketplace, along with three days of educational programming, 70+ speakers, and 150+ exhibiting companies.

Designed to empower investors, business executives and entrepreneurs for success in the global cannabis industry, MJBizCon is set to provide unique products and services, as well as networking opportunities for attendees.


“As the industry continues to grow at lightning speed, we’re actively working on the international front to provide actionable intelligence that empowers businesses to succeed in the international cannabis space.”

— Cassandra Farrington, CEO and Co-Founder, MJBizCon.


Important discussion topics

With a keynote speech from The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister of Canada, focusing on the relationship and opportunities between governments and enterprises in the cannabis marketplace, the conference will dive into various topics. Those outside the industry, including angel investors and venture capital investors, will then have a better chance to learn more about the industry, opportunities, and risks involved.

Topics for discussion at MJBizCon will include international investing considerations, valuations, geographic hotspots, due diligence, niche market opportunities, public markets, and more. The conference will address Canada’s legalization of recreational cannabis sales as well as upcoming legalization for edibles as well as explain retail business opportunities and how to prepare for extraction legislation. 

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There will also be a Q&A period with investors where speakers can offer valuable insight followed by an evening reception.

Moreover, the conference will feature 71 speakers from 15 countries, representing Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), as well as Latin America and the Caribbean. Attendees can join peers with shared interests and goals in specialized workshops like Global Cannabis Investing, and welcome receptions with geographic focus areas including EMEA and LATAM & the Caribbean.

Future of the industry

With the cannabis industry reaching international markets, it has successfully cemented itself as a critical emerging industry for investors everywhere. But while cannabis has undoubtedly become a popular topic of discussion, just how far-reaching and lucrative can one reasonably anticipate this market becoming?

A recent study projects the global cannabis space to exceed US$89B in spending by 2024, which would be a sharp increase that would represent a CAGR of 37 per cent from the US$14.9 billion spent over the past year. As widespread adoption of cannabis-based medical treatments grows alongside a robust recreational market segment, this seemingly lofty estimate could eventually prove to be understated.

When it comes to Canada and its recently legalized recreational cannabis market, Matt Lamers, International Editor for MJBizDaily notes, “Legalization has opened the door to business opportunities across the very regulated cannabis supply chain in every province and territory in Canada, no matter the level of provincial involvement in retail. Canada is in maybe the first or second inning of legalization, and there are many more hills to climb. There have been setbacks to be sure - like CannTrust, formerly one of the biggest cannabis companies in Canada, breaching the federal regulations. That company faces censure from federal authorities and potentially the police, but that's just one producer out of hundreds.”

Now that Canada is set to introduce legislation regarding edibles sometime in October, how big will this sector become? Lamers explains, “Cannabis edibles are going to be a pretty small part of the market even after the market is fully mature - maybe about 15%. Vapes will be the biggest new segment with 20-25% of the extracts sector, and beverages will probably come in around 10% - and again, that's after the market is mature, which will take years. Even though infused products will be allowed in late October, realistically Canada won't see a major roll-out of those products until 2020.”

“Regulatory requirements will take a couple of months to navigate, and supply chains have to be implemented from scratch, so there's going to be bumps along the way. Later this year we'll see mostly vapes available, with a broader selection of availability in 2020.”

One of the primary goals of MZBizCon is to address and analyze the key factors influencing cannabis growth, including widespread legalization, the introduction of edible and topical cannabis-based products, and the growth of international investment in the space.

Investors should expect a thorough and thought-provoking event

One year after an explosive inaugural event, the 2019 MJBizCon Toronto Conference is back, proving it’s the top place to be for investors, executives, and entrepreneurs interested in the quickly growing cannabis industry.

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Scene from MJBizCon.

On top of world-class networking opportunities, the event will provide an inside look into revolutionary products and services that figure to play major roles in the continued transformation of this international market. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact directly with industry leaders through comprehensive workshops and extensive educational programs. There simply isn’t another cannabis expo quite like MJBizCon.

See where the cannabis industry is going for yourself! Secure your spot by registering here.