• The franchise recently signed 9 new World Class Fortnite players ahead of the upcoming $40 million Fortnite World Cup
  • Tory Lanez has joined the team as a global ambassador
  • Luminosity was also crowned champions of the Call of Duty World League open event in Fort Worth, Texas last month, with a prize pool of $325,000

This year has been a landmark year for esports, especially as the market is expected to reach the billion dollar mark, which is on a year-on-year growth track of 26.7%. Although there are many leagues out there with massive audiences vying for recognition, Luminosity Gaming has already cemented itself as one of the largest in North America.

Standing out from the rest, Luminosity’s goal is to enable aspiring competitive gamers to ultimately create sustainable careers. The company has teams and championships in game titles such as Fortnite, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, PUBG, Halo, Madden and more. Luminosity scouts and hires players and teams who compete on the company's behalf in tournaments online and in arenas around the world for prize money.

Now, the company has added a new figure to its ownership roster — Grammy Award-nominated recording artist Tory Lanez. The addition of Lanez to Luminosity’s ownership group comes on the heels of the company looking to expand its global reach and influence within the esports industry. The recording artist is also just one of many rappers interested in the video game scene. Well known artists including Post Malone and Desiigner have also dabbled in the esports realm, showcasing that this market has more to it than just being an extracurricular activity.

Working with Luminosity, Lanez’s top priorities will include working with fans to grow the franchise and continue to build on Luminosity’s recognized success by leveraging his experience from the music industry. 


"Collaborating with someone of Tory's caliber brings a new element to our company and creates new unique opportunities for us to take advantage of the natural crossover between music, esports, and pop culture."

— Steve Maida, President, Luminosity Gaming


After recently wrapping up his UK tour with Drake, Lanez has already had a busy year working on new music. Aside from that, he has decided to venture into the gaming world, adding another lane to his impressive resume.

Lanez notes of this collaboration, “Anyone who knows me knows I like to compete at the highest level in anything that I am a part of. We have some amazing things in the works and I'm excited to be a part of the crossover between music and gaming."



Lanez’s addition to the ownership group comes amid other impressive milestones for the growing gaming giant. These successes include the company recently signing nine new World Class Fortnite players ahead of the Fortnite World Cup, the company being crowned champions at the Call of Duty World League event in Texas in April, and the company’s Vancouver Titans, in partnership with Canucks Sports, crowned as the Stage 1 Overwatch League Champions in March.

Luminosity Gaming is setting itself up for success with its latest business wins, and the new addition to their ownership group will only propel the company’s ventures forward. The company is excited for what’s to come, and will work closely with Lanez to produce exciting new material that will not only engage current fans, but entice new fans to get involved with one of the largest gaming companies in North America.