A new report says 71 per cent of Canadian workers want to leave their jobs this year and look for better opportunities. 

The report by recruitment firm Hays says employers need to brace themselves, as even more people say they would start looking for a new job if the economy and unemployment rate improve.

Hays says more than half of Canadian employees feel more stressed this year than last year, and nearly half are unmotivated to work.

Hays says the "alarming" survey revealed growing discontent among workers over pay, roles and benefits. 

It says employers are struggling to retain and motivate a demoralized and disengaged workforce fed up with wages that lag behind inflation. 

Hays says workers need more than a raise to stay engaged — they also want other benefits and incentives such as vacation days, professional development and promotions. 

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 13, 2024.