Amid recent backlash over his controversial tax plan for small businesses and conflict of interest accusations, Finance Minister Bill Morneau is the most negatively received member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, according to a new poll.

The Angus Reid Institute survey, released Monday, measured sentiment surrounding Trudeau’s 30-member cabinet using 2,425 responses from a random sample of 800 Canadians. The cabinet members were separated into three groups of 10, and each respondent was asked to rate the performance of 10 members on whether they did a “good job,” “bad job,” or “a mix of good and bad.”

Only five of the ministers were recognized by 60 per cent of Canadians.

Morneau was the most familiar face with 75 per cent of respondents able to recognize him.  But 46 per cent of those who knew of him gave the finance minister a the thumbs down, while 23 per cent said he’s done a good job in his position so far.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland was the most well-received with 46 per cent of Canadians saying she has done a good job in her role as opposed to the 23 per cent who said she’s done badly. Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale came in a close second to Freeland, with 45 per cent saying he’s performed well.

Even Liberal supporters gave Morneau an unfavourable rating, with the majority (65 per cent)  saying they believe has done a “bad job” or were “unsure.”

Non-Liberal supporters came down harder on Morneau with over half (54 per cent) saying he has done a “bad job” and only 14 per cent giving him a passing grade.

The finance minister first came under scrutiny from Canada’s business community in July when he introduced a plan to dramatically change federal tax rules that apply to small business.  He received further backlash after it was discovered he did not place his business assets in a blind trust when he took his current position.