(Bloomberg) -- Boeing Co. got a vote of confidence from Steve Stich, the head of NASA’s commercial crew program, as investigators work to figure out why propellant valves on the company’s Starliner capsule malfunctioned, forcing it to scrap a critical August test flight.

  • Stich told reporters Tuesday he “doesn’t see a scenario where Boeing won’t succeed.”
  • Boeing is targeting late 2022 for first crewed flight, if a rescheduled test flight goes to plan
  • Boeing, NASA to remove three stuck valves from service module for in depth study
  • Muggy Florida air a likely cause of the malfunctioning valves: Boeing
  • Boeing vice president John Vollmer declined to discuss cost of delays, but said NASA won’t pay
  • MORE: Boeing Zeroes in on Cause of Sticky Valve in Starliner Craft (1)

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