(Bloomberg) -- National Grid Plc’s system operator is seeking to speed connections to the UK’s power network, prioritizing projects that aren’t bogged down by issues including financing and planning delays.

If generators aren’t making progress toward their projects fast enough, they’ll be asked to move backward or leave the queue, the Electricity System Operator said in a statement. The reforms also aim to enable developers to build their own connections, allowing more power plants, wind turbines and solar farms to hook up to the network.

Britain’s grid operator has come under pressure after the industry sounded the alarm that connections are a significant hurdle to the speedy roll-out of renewables. While investors are ready to deploy funds to support new projects, the government target of a decarbonized power grid by 2035 means green generation needs to be connected faster than the current pace.

There are about 220 projects due to connect to the country’s transmission system by 2026, representing about 40 gigawatts of capacity, according to the system operator. However, only half have planning permission and some have moved their connection dates back by as many as 14 years.

The operator will use the services of an engineering firm to evaluate how far along projects are before asking them to move in the queue. It’s part of a wider effort started this year to accelerate grid connections.

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