(Bloomberg) -- New York City is planning to distribute flyers to migrants in shelters and at the US southern border that say the city’s resources “have been exhausted” and they won’t get any help finding work, officials said Wednesday. 

The one-page flyer, printed in both English and Spanish, warns asylum seekers that “you will not be placed in a hotel,” and that “NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world; you are better off going to a more affordable city.” The flyer also declares “NYC cannot help you obtain a work permit, and you will not be able to easily find work.”

The effort to dissuade migrants from coming to New York is the latest attempt to slow the rapid influx of some 100,000 people who have arrived in the city since the spring of 2022, overwhelming its shelter system and straining coffers. The city pays $387 a day to shelter each migrant family, and estimates the cost for caring migrants will total $12 billion through mid-2025.

NYC Fumbles Migrant Legal Help, Costing City Taxpayers Millions

The flyers contradict some of the city and state’s own recently announced plans to help asylum seekers apply to work legally and find jobs. The city, in partnership with state and federal officials, is conducting a major survey to identify people eligible to apply for asylum and work permit authorizations, and in June opened a legal clinic to help migrants with their applications. 

New York’s unique right-to-shelter rule is helping lure many of the migrants, who are in turn urging their relatives to join them, city officials said Wednesday. Adams has taken to the courts to challenge the provision, which requires the city provide shelter for anyone who lacks housing.  

New York Needs Workers. They’re Waiting On the Sidelines

Last week, he announced the city would shorten the length of time adult migrants could remain in shelters from 60 days to just 30 days. The city now has more than 60,000 migrants in its care. 

On Monday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced plans to deploy 150 additional National Guard personnel to help survey the migrants in the state and find out their legal status. She also said this week the state government is working with the Department of Labor “to start matching eligible asylum seekers with the employers” to help fill tens of thousands of available jobs.

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