Nintendo Co., Ltd. announced Thursday a compilation of classic Super Mario video games for the Switch console. The collection will be one of the Japanese game giant’s main releases this fall as it aims to keep the Switch’s hot streak going into the holiday season.

The compilation, titled Super Mario 3D All-Stars, includes newly remastered versions of Super Mario 64, which debuted in 1996, Super Mario Sunshine, from 2002, and Super Mario Galaxy from 2007. A limited production of the collection will launch Sept. 18 and be available until about the end of March, Nintendo said in a statement.

In a presentation Thursday to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic plumber, Nintendo also announced a Switch re-release of Super Mario 3D World, originally out in 2013, which will launch in February.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a boon for Nintendo’s sales, as quarantined gamers look to escape reality by inhabiting the virtual worlds of games like Animal Crossing, which has sold more than 22 million copies since its March release. Switch consoles have been consistently sold out, leading Nintendo’s profits to soar. This fall, the company will aim to compete with new consoles from Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp. with the Mario collection and a small selection of other re-releases, like Pikmin 3 Deluxe, a new version of the 2013 game that will be out on Oct. 30.

Nintendo also plans to release a new Switch model and strong slate of games next year, Bloomberg has reported.