CIBC Capital Markets Chief Economist Avery Shenfeld:

“Canada's second quarter let the good times roll, so much so that the country's national humility has almost everyone assuming that this can't last. … Look for estimates for that quarter to move up. Odds of a September rate hike by the Bank of Canada are certainly enhanced by this report.”

TD Senior Economist Brian DePratto:

“Wow. There seems to be no stopping Canada of late, as above-expected growth in Q2 led to the best four-quarter growth performance since 2006. And while it was once again consumers in the driver's seat, another strong quarter of income growth meant that households were able to increase their savings rate a touch while still keeping their wallets open.”

BMO Capital Markets Chief Economist Doug Porter:

“The hits just keep coming for the Canadian economy. … Even the naysayers will struggle mightily to find fault in this rock-solid report.”

Conference Board of Canada Chief Economist Craig Alexander:

"A 4.5 per cent annualized growth rate probably isn't sustainable going into the second half of the year but I still think that even when you look at the monthly tracking on growth in the third quarter, you're probably still looking at something well above the 2.5-per cent mark ... So, it could be the case that Canada comes in as strongest-growing G7 economy."