Nokia Canada has announced a $340-million expansion to its Ottawa facility.

In a news release issued on Monday, the Prime Minister’s Office says Nokia will also improve its laboratories "with the goal to further advance wireless technology research and development in Canada."

The project is expected to create more than 340 jobs in Ontario, the release states. Nokia Canada said that with the added positions, it would have around 2,160 employees in Ottawa. 

“The project we’re announcing will help connect Canadians to the jobs of today and tomorrow. It will bring economic benefits to the National Capital Region and stimulate Canada’s tech ecosystem. This is about building a strong economy and a better future for everyone,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in the release. 

In a press release Monday, Nokia Canada said construction is scheduled to begin in 2023 and the new facility is expected to open in 2026. Nokia Canada said the expansion will improve its capabilities in 5G technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as facilitate growth in cloud software.

"Today's announcement reinforces Nokia's commitment to the Canadian market, where we have invested $1.4 billion in R&D over the past five years. Nokia's R&D hub will generate net-new Canadian IP and bring innovative advanced telecommunications and cyber security technologies to market, helping us achieve our goal of improving people's lives in Canada and across the world,” Jeffrey Maddox, the president of Nokia Canada, said in the release. 

The Government of Canada is planning to provide up to $40 million to the project through its Strategic Innovation Fund, according to the press release. The Government of Ontario will provide $30 million in funding through Invest Ontario. Through Hydro Ottawa, the City of Ottawa will contribute $2 million to upgrade control systems. 

The new facility will help Nokia work towards its sustainability goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent by 2030, the release said.

According to the release, the facility will feature sustainable technologies, including water-side heat recovery, air-side heat and energy recovery, water-side free cooling as well as rainwater harvesting.