Looking for your next job? If you’ve considered a career in cannabis, you might be in luck. The marijuana industry is growing at an incredibly fast pace as producers look to ramp up cultivation, and build up their retail and international divisions as the country prepares to legalize the drug next week.

According to a BNN Bloomberg survey of the top dozen Canadian cannabis producers by market valuation, there are nearly 700 job openings that currently need to be filled. That represents nearly a one-third increase in cannabis employment in Canada from figures released by Statistics Canada at the end of 2017. StatsCan found that 2,399 people were employed by the 55 licensed cannabis producers at the end of last year.

Here are some positions that Canadian cannabis companies are currently looking to fill:

Canopy Growth Corp. – 270 positions

Canada’s biggest pot company naturally has the most hiring to do. The bulk of the company’s openings are located at its headquarters in Smiths Falls, Ont., or nearby in Ottawa. While much of Canopy’s efforts are now focused on expanding its retail operations, it also includes interesting roles such as an agronomist, or what is more commonly referred to as a “crop doctor.”

Aurora Cannabis Inc. – 160 positions

Edmonton-based Aurora is also ramping up its hiring plans with a wide mix of job openings that range from data collection to commercial lawyer, to software development.

Tilray Inc. – 85 positions

Tilray’s job postings reflect a more international approach with roughly one-third of its available roles stationed in its Portugal facility that grows medical-grade marijuana. Tilray’s focus appears to lean more heavily on the production and cultivation part of the market with several positions in quality control and manufacturing.

Aphria Inc. – 37 positions

As Aphria looks to complete its production facility operations in Leamington, Ont., the company has several positions that appear aimed at future growth. It’s hiring for a “beverage formulation chemist,” probably a nod to the ever-increasing interest that some beverage companies are having in the cannabis sector, as well as a “director of innovation” who the company hopes will help it maintain its position as a “leader in cannabis product innovations.”

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