(Bloomberg) -- New Yorkers who are feeling sick can now go to one of the city’s mobile clinics to get tested for RSV, Covid-19 or the flu — and get a prescription for medicines like Tamiflu on the spot.

The move is an expansion of a program initiated earlier this year to address rising cases of winter illnesses. All 75 mobile units will offer free tests for Covid and, for eligible patients, the antiviral Paxlovid, which can lower rates of illness and death in people who are infected. Two thirds of the “Test to Treat” clinics will also offer free tests for the flu and for respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, for patients who are symptomatic. People who are deemed eligible can get a free Tamiflu prescription, according to an announcement from New York City Mayor’s office this week.

The program comes as the city dismantles large parts of the vast testing and vaccine capabilities it built up during Covid, including its pandemic response lab and the education department’s Covid situation room.

Still, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in recent weeks has issued warnings urging New Yorkers to again start wearing high-quality masks in indoor and crowded outdoor settings as respiratory illnesses sweep through the city.

In each of the last two weeks, positive lab tests for the flu in New York City have reached close to 17,000, which is higher than any point in the last four years. Covid case numbers have increased more than 30% in the last month in the city as well. And while the number of positive RSV tests has fallen for five straight weeks, the results for the week ending Dec. 10 are still higher than any time in the last four years. 

“We want everyone to have a happy and healthy holiday,” said Ashwin Vasan, city health commissioner. “While we’re asking New Yorkers to do their part by masking, staying home if sick, testing, and getting treated, the city stands ready to help all of us through this winter.”

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