Canada’s most populous province extended local caps on the size of gatherings across the region as new infections surge to their highest levels in months.

In three areas of Ontario, Premier Doug Ford had previously set a limit of 10 people for indoor events and 25 for outdoor ones. On Saturday, his government announced those restrictions would be extended province-wide.

“This is geared at the wild parties out there,” Ford told reporters Saturday, saying he was alarmed by reports of police breaking up parties with as many as 150 people.

“Unfortunately, there are a few people out there who don’t want to follow the rules and think we’re out of this -- we aren’t.”

Ford has promised to wield the highest fines in Canada for those who violate the restrictions, starting at C$10,000 ($7,500) for organizers.

Public frustration has been mounting over a lack of testing capacity with wait times stretching for days and lineups starting at dawn.

Ford pledged to expand testing capacity but also pleaded for the federal government to approve newer, faster tests such as those using saliva.