(Bloomberg) -- A Pakistan court deferred a decision on whether former Prime Minister Imran Khan would be indicted for not disclosing income from selling state gifts as his supporters and the police clashed in Islamabad.

The hearing will now be on March 30, Khan’s lawyer Khawaja Harris said. An arrest warrant for Khan for repeatedly missing court hearings has been canceled after he attempted to make an appearance on Saturday, he said. 

Khan didn’t make it to court as a judge ordered him to mark his attendance at the entrance of the Judicial Complex in the federal capital after violence broke out between his supporters and the police around the vicinity.

Khan’s supporters pelted police with stones after security officials tried to prevent them from entering the court’s premises along with their leader. Police fired tear gas shells as their vehicles were set ablaze by protesters.

Nine policemen were wounded and more than 25 vehicles were burnt, according to Islamabad police spokesperson Taqi Jawad.

There were also violent clashes earlier this week at Khan’s residence between his supporters and police after the government attempted to arrest him on warrants ordered by the same court. The police failed to detain him despite repeated attempts.

Khan left Lahore for Islamabad early on Saturday for the hearing. Police raided his residence hours later, arresting supporters and removing sandbag barricades and shipping containers installed by them outside his house, Dawn television channel reported. 

The former leader is facing scores of cases in multiple courts and has been avoiding such appearances, citing security reasons. Islamabad’s lower court was hearing a complaint after the Election Commission in October disqualified Khan from public office after finding he had failed to show his income from selling state gifts he received when he was in power.

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